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Olympic Karate
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About Olympic Karate

Olympic Karate was first founded in 1983 in London, Ontario. Over the years we’ve maintained the title of London’s oldest dojo in continual operation and pride ourselves on our long history of helping others to “learn to be their best” in London and surrounding areas. Martial Arts has evolved past its fundamental purpose of self defence to incorporate a system that benefits self-esteem, self-confidence, emotional and spiritual well-being. We all have different learning styles, methods of overcoming challenges, and personal behaviours that make us unique. We want everyone to learn to use their talents, get the most out of life, and to be able to protect themselves and loved ones should an unavoidable conflict arise.

Our Karate program was developed from Chinese Kempo, American Kickboxing, and Philippian/ Modern Arnis (stick fighting), and borrows influence from BJJ, Systema, Wrestling, Kung Fu, and Grappling. We offer classes for Little Dragons (ages 4-6), Children (ages 7-12), Teenagers (13-18), and Adults (18+). Our programs are structured to allow progression at your own pace, with belt ranks signifying certain levels of competency and skill. Our classes are lead by passionate instructors who have gone though and learned our system in depth. They make new students feel welcome and encouraged, and long time students feel confident and prepared. Martial Arts wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for the countless passionate sensei’s who have shared their knowledge with the next generation.

Come join our community here at Olympic Karate, and be part of the legacy of Martial Arts in London. “Learn to be your best” inside and outside the dojo and transform your life. See how karate can change your life in ways you’ve never thought possible. Please feel free to call us or explore our website to find a class that works best for you. ALL new students are welcome to try a FREE trial class, come in and try today!

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