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London Aquatic Club
SPORT: Swimming
AGE: 4 YRS to 16
GENDER: Boys and Girls

About London Aquatic Club

SWIM FOR LIFE – life skills, life friendships and life health.

It is the goal of the London Aquatic Club to develop, support and promote competitive swimming for all ages and abilities in a positive, caring and safe environment. Competitive swimming encourages fitness, friendship and health, and produces people who are a credit to their sport and their community.

Our competitive swim team offers high quality professional coaching for all ages and abilities. Our team consists of approximately 250 swimmers (divided into 9 different groups) from Development to Senior Gold. Swimmers range in age from 6-18 and from beginner to world class. Our swimmers train and compete for 11 months each year from the middle of September to the beginning of August.

Under the direction of our 5 full-time and 17 part-time coaches, new swimmers will be placed in the group that best suits their ability and age. As a minimum, we require that a potential swimmer be comfortable in the water and have the ability to complete one continuous length of a 25-metre pool (any stroke at any speed) as well as be at least 7 years of age. The majority of new swimmers aged 12&under who register with us will begin in our first group, Development.

The first few years (starting in Development) focus on stroke development and learning competitive swimming basics. Many children improve rapidly and it is not unusual to see tremendous growth in these first few years. It is important to remember that each child will develop at their own rate and is on their own path. Swimming should be fun and pressure free, especially at the younger levels. As your child progresses, continual training and competition challenges will be provided to enhance their development by continued movement to the appropriate group within the club.

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