Billingsley Goaltending

Billingsley Goaltending
SPORT: Hockey
AGE: Children and Adults
TIME PERIOD: Full Year Facility

About Billingsley Goaltending

I am a goalie coach, and I am about personal attention. I am about investing in people. Not in my financial bottom line.

This is not my career. I am an elementary school teacher, first and foremost. Then, a children’s book author. Those are my careers.

Goaltending is a part of me, has been ever since I started playing at age 5. It is my passion and I created this business because I love to teach goalies. My mission statement is to unlock a goalies true potential and allow them to be the best house league, AAA, Junior or professional goaltender he/she can be.
That’s how my successful bottom line will be determined. By the enjoyment my goalies get out of playing the game we love. 

So when you choose to work with me – and you have lots of choices out there – you get me.

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